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Harness Inspection Service
Fall arrest and equipment inspection is a legal requirement and an essential component for your organisation’s safety compliance program and the safety of your staff.

Our trained and competent Inspectors will ensure your fall arrest inspection activities happen efficiently, on schedule and with minimal disruption to your business.

All fall arrest and equipment inspection activities will be undertaken in accordance with all BSS and statutory requirements.

RIS Consultants offer inspection services either on-site or at our premises. The introduction of health and safety legislation has passed the accountability and responsibility to the employer to ensure that any employee required to work at heights must be suitably protected from any potential falls or hazards.

The effectiveness of any fall protection equipment is dependant partly on its condition. It is important therefore, that equipment is properly inspected and maintained and that records are kept.

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Frequency of fall arrest and equipment inspection 

Fall restraint and fall arrest equipment used infrequently and well maintained  Every 12 months 
Fall restraint and fall arrest equipment used frequently and well maintained Every 6 months
Climbing harness and equipment Every 6 months

RIS Inspection services uses filedID compliance system to record fall arrest and equipment inspections on your online asset database and will undertake your harness inspections using our mobile hand held devices making the inspection records immediately available on line straight after the safety harness inspection has been completed.  

RIS Consultants provide a full managed service for all your climbing and fall arrest equipment which includes:
  • Sell and input purchased climbing and fall arrest equipment on to your online asset database (FiledID) in your company account;
  • Allocate climbing and fall arrest equipment to either an individual or location;
  • Schedule and monitor your fall arrest and equipment inspections ensuring equipment does not go out ;
  • Arrange and undertak e statutory inspections; and 
  • Put fall arrest and equipment inspection records on to your online secure  data storage company account so are immediately available. 
  • 24/7 access to your company account 


“"RIS build a strong rapport with clients, focuses on the key issues and holds himself to high standards for delivery. I have enjoyed working with Sean and wish him every success in his business."”
Lindsay Blackman , HR Director , McNicholas Construction, Software Developer

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