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Equipment Inspection Service

Does your business have equipment that needs regular checks and services and your struggling to keep on top of it? Do you not have the time to get round to checking all the equipment and logging it for safety purposes? Well our equipment inspection service is a quick and simple solution to complete the task and have a system in place to never fall behind again. 

Services Provided

  • Full equipment checks
  • Access to electronic logging system 
  • System put in place to remind you when the equipment needs serving
  • Take over the system for you and remind you when we will be arriving to inspect your equipment.
Our health and safety equipment inspection service will assist you in inspecting logging and tracking your equipment. This service allows you to import all relevant equipment information into an electronic system which we would provide, and log when the next time they will need inspecting and alert you with a reminder of this service. You will never have to check equipment or worry about when it needs checking as it can all be done for you, to carry on with your other business needs.

Please call us today for a free no obligations initial consultation with one of our expert consultants on how we can help and support you and your organisations health and safety needs on 0800 978 8659 or email on info@risgroup.co.uk for your free consultation.



“"RIS are a very pragmatic and realistic deliverer of effective Health, Safety & Environmental solutions for all entities, from Large MNO Corporates to small owner businesses.”
Kevin Winkles , Operations Director , Encompass HSE Services, Producer

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