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COSHH Assessments

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At RIS Consultants (NW) Ltd we have the knowledge and expertise to understand the hazardous substances that your business uses.

Our health and safety consultants will help you identify, manage and monitor your hazardous substances effectively. 

We will create COSHH risk assessments to not only control the chemicals you have on site but use the COSHH assessment to train staff.

The latest COSHH legislation states that any company that is in use of any chemical ranging from office equipment and kitchen household chemicals to propane and oxy-acetylene, anything classed as hazardous, by law need a COSHH risk assessment.

7 Steps of complying with COSHH

1. Identify hazardous substance and assess the risks.  

Assess the risk to health arising from hazardous substances used and or created by your workplace activities. 

2. Decide what precautions are needed.

You must not carry our work which could expose your employees to hazardous substances without first considering the risks and necessary precautions, and what else you need to do to comply with COSHH.

3. Prevent or adequately control exposure 

You MUST prevent your employees and others being exposed to hazardous substances. Where preventing exposure is not reasonably practicable, then you MUST adequately control it.

  • Eliminate 
  • Substitution 
  • Engineering controls (Isolation, Enclosure(s), Ventilation including Local Exhaust Ventilation). 
  • Change work methods
  • Reduce exposure time 
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 
  • Housekeeping
  • Instruction, Information and Training

4. Control Measures

Ensure control measures are used and maintained properly. Ensure your Employees make proper use of control measures provided by you to control exposure and report and defects / faults and you MUST ensure you employees are trained on control measures provided and how to report      faults.

5. Monitor exposure 

Monitor the exposure of employees to hazardous substances, measuring concentrations where assessment concludes that 

  • Serious risk if controls fail;
  • Exposure limits may be exceeded;
  • Control measures may not be working properly;
  • employees are exposed to certain substances / process scheduled in schedule 5 of COSHH 
Record of for monitoring exposure are to be kept for 5 years. 
6. Health Surveillance 
Carry out appropriate health surveillance where your COSHH assessment has shown that this is necessary or where COSHH sets a specific requirements
Provide health surveillance in the following circumstances 
  • Employees are significantly exposed to processes in schedule 6 of COSHH; 
  • Employees exposed to substances linked to particular disease or adverse health effects and reasonable likelihood of disease / effect occurring and possible to detect disease / effect; 
  • May be professional, trained supervision or self check.
Health surveillance records MUST be kept for 40 years.
7. Provide Information, Instruction and Training 
  • Nature of substance and associated risks 
  • Precaustions staff should take 
  • Control measures - Purpose, how to use them and how to report faults 
  • Results of monitoring and health surveillance
Controls will not be effective if staff do not know how to use them properly, or the importance of reporting faults. 

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“"RIS build a strong rapport with clients, focuses on the key issues and holds himself to high standards for delivery. I have enjoyed working with Sean and wish him every success in his business."”
Lindsay Blackman , HR Director , McNicholas Construction, Software Developer

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