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CDM Consultancy Fees

RIS Consultants work closely with clients ensuring that your project is delivered safely, on time and to budget. We will provide a no obligations quote within 48 hours.

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Our Service

We bench mark our day and project costs regularly with key local CDM-Consultancy competitors in the North West ensuring our fees are very competitive for our services we provide.

Each project takes into account a number of different factors:

  • Where the project is located in relation to our head office
  • The size, complexity, estimated duration and estimated value of the project works
  • Additional services that may be required by the client to ensure the project is delivered safely.

What our CDM Consultancy Service Includes

RIS Consultants:

(a) Give suitable and sufficient advice and assistance to clients in order to help them comply with their duties, in particular:
      (i) The duty to appoint competent Principal Designers, Principal Contractors, contractors and designers
      (ii) The duty to ensure that adequate arrangements are in place for managing the project

(b) Notify HSE about the project;

(c) Ensure the Principal Designer Co-ordinate design work, planning and other preparation for construction where relevant to health and safety in the pre construction phase of the project.

(d) Ensure the Client or Principal Designer identify and collect the pre-construction information and advise the client if surveys need to be commissioned to fill significant gaps

(e) Ensure the Client or Principal Designer promptly provide in a convenient form to those involved with the design of the structure; and to every contractor (including the principal contractor) who may be or has been appointed by the client, such parts of the pre-construction information which are relevant to each
(f) Ensure the Client / Principal Designer manage's the flow of health and safety information between clients, designers and contractors

(g) advise the client on the suitability of the initial construction phase plan and the arrangements made to ensure that welfare facilities are on site from the start;

(h) Ensure the Principal Designer / Principal Contractor (if the Principal Designer leaves prior to the construction phase being completed) produce or update a relevant, user friendly, health and safety file suitable for future use at the end of the construction phase.

(i) Provide 24/7 support via e-mail and telephone

Additional Health and Safety Consultancy Services

We also provide:

  • Pre-Construction Safety Documents
  • Construction Phase Health and Safety Plans (CPHSP)
  • Site safety audits/inspections (hard copy and electronic 24 hour turn around)
  • On site health and safety training
  • On site toolbox talk training talks
  • Attendance at pre-contract and site safety meetings
  • Development of site specific risk assessments
  • Development of site specific method statements
  • Fire Safety Plans
  • COSHH Assessments
  • Noise Assessments
  • HAVS assessments
  • CHAS accreditation / certification
  • Competent Person Service


“RIS Consultants delivered on time all our needs. Due to the time saved and the pressure taken from our office staff, we have decided to employ RIS Consultants as our advisors on a permanent bas”
Les Perry Roofing Contractors Ltd, Managing Director.

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