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Cemars Certification

CEMARS certification (Certified Emissions Measurement And Reduction Scheme), is essentially the first two steps of carbon Zero certification - measure and manage, and have these two steps independently verified then certified. This scheme is developed for large organisation or large emitting industries where offsetting is not a viable option or they wish to take a measured approach and further gauge the cost benefit of positioning their organization and products/services in the carbon neutral market space. CEMARS allows companies to measure their greenhouse gas emissions, put in place plans to reduce them and have both of these steps independently certified. 

At Rintoul Integrated Solutions we have CEMARS consultants who can identify your organisations largest carbon outlets and put a stond alone or integrated management system within the ISO 14001 standards to be able to manage and monitor your carbon emissions. We offer to advise you after the audits have been in place and your company is CEMARs Certification approved, to help keep the same level of standard and continuously improve year on year.


“"RIS are a very pragmatic and realistic deliverer of effective Health, Safety & Environmental solutions for all entities, from Large MNO Corporates to small owner businesses.”
Kevin Winkles , Operations Director , Encompass HSE Services, Producer

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